Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does it cost me?

Zip, Yes free. No contracts or obligations of any kind. Just place your orders at

2. I have negotiated special prices with Sellers are these protected?

Absolutely. All pricing you negotiate with sellers are 100% secure. No other buyer or Seller will have access to these rates.

3. I change my stock list all the time. Will myMarketsystems be a waste of my time?

Not at all, in fact it will actually save you time and money. Through its sophisticated search engine, you will be able to easily sort and compare products and prices like never before and from your “myStock List” feature you will be able to add, remove and place orders for products simply by clicking a button.

4. How will myMarket Systems ensure that I don’t miss out on special promotions offered by the Sellers?

Receive product promotions your way; either direct via platform, or via email and/or via SMS. Whichever works best for you?

5. How do I place an order with a new Seller (Supplier)?

You will need to request a credit limit and sign upto the seller’s terms and conditions. The sellers will accept, reject or amend your credit application. All of this can be managed through myMarket Systems platform.



1. How much will it cost me?

Good question, You only pay for what you use. There are no contracts, hidden fees or ongoing lock in obligations whatsoever. At anytime you feel you aren’t getting value for money then simply contact Market Systems and will we de-register your profile from the platform
Current Fee Charges – Free of Charge

2. Is my Pricing Secure?

Excellent question – Absolutely !!!
We totally understand the importance of being able to issue a unique price on a particular sku to an individual buyer or group of buyers without any other buyer or seller knowing. Our unique, user friendly, pricing module has been designed with this in mind. Set pricing your way!!!

3. I only trade within a particular territory. Will buyers outside my territory see my pricing?

Absolutely not! The platform has been designed to only allow buyers within your specific territory to view your product pricing. Top

4. How can I charge for my freight costs?

Easily ……the platform has been designed with a unique, multi region freight-pricing module that will allow freight charges to be created and tailored to your unique pricing requirements.

5. How can I access more buyers and channels than I current service today?

myMarket Systems through its advertising module will allow you to promote your products, easily and effectively to hundreds/thousands of buyers

6. Can I really do without creating the expensive physical catalogues?

Yes, fully manage your product portfolio through the platform. Any change in vintage, low in stock or on promotion can be easily and effectively be communicated through the systems unique proprietary flag feature. This will ensure your catalogue is always uptodate and never again will a buyer miss out.

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