Who I Am

Thomas Bryce
Designer, coffee lover, craftsman, marketer, secretary, book keeper, cat sitter oh the list goes on…

Thomas Bryce - Founder of Bryce&Co

I’m really a jack of all trades! I have worked as a PA to wealthy business types, a cleaner, pizza delivery boy, landscaper, conservation and land management officer, guitar tutor, music programmer, barista, waiter and floor manager, publicist, tour manager, sound engineer, musician, songwriter and performer, DJ and I also volunteer at 3RRR in Melbourne in the music department.

I am always looking forward to challenge and stretch myself creatively and professionally, I have an incredible girlfriend and a wonderful collection of family and friends that have believed in my as I have set up my small business.

When I’m not working on a new piece of furniture I’m either helping at 3RRR, writing music in my home bedroom studio or spending time drinking coffee and relaxing with the loved ones in my life. You can also hear me occasionally on the Graveyard Shift on 3RRR 102.7 WOO HOO!!