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About Market Systems

Beverage buyers are continually swamped with new products and brands by an army of sales reps, while beverage sellers are struggling to get new audiences and expand their market.

With this hugely competitive marketplace buyers are missing out on information and promotions and sellers are struggling to achieve their minimum margins.

myMarketSystems is a tailored solution to these inherent problems and you're one click away to accessing a huge range of benefits.

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Interested in investing?

Market Systems is seeking to raise $600,000 through the issue of shares to continue to enhance the sites functionality and to accelerate its sales effort into the Australian market place.

It has already raised seed capital to fund the building of both the Minimum Viable Product (basic operational functionality only) and thereafter its Commercial pilot, which is expected to be completed in Q3 of this year.

Investors in Market Systems will be part of Australia's first cloud based wholesale/B2B liquor sales platform - set to become the largest in the world. There's no better time to become part of this exciting investment opportunity whilst still in its infancy.

For more information please access the Market Systems ASSOB page here . You will need to complete a short registration process to access this page.